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BNP brings an extensive background of experience with the planning, design and implementation of airport Baggage Handling Systems and have been providing specialized consulting services to the air transportation industry on a worldwide basis since 1971. In our more than 45 years of professional experience, BNP has been involved in hundreds of projects throughout the world and our continuous industry exposure keep us fully appraised of current and planned industry requirements.


Our consulting services include Master Planning, Facility Design, Baggage Handling System Design, Project Management and Construction Administration. BNP are a dedicated group of professionals, widely experienced in airline and airport requirements for the handling of baggage. In meeting the needs of our clients, BNP provides:

System Evaluation - Design - Specifications - Cost Analysis - Construction

Management and Administration

BNP’s approach is that we take a project from its inception through to operational support to include:


Statistical Analysis

Analyzing the current and future needs of the system using numerous computer models that have been developed by our analysis and simulation engineers. The resulting data is imported and integrated into the BNP developed simulation model along with the system design drawings, data reported by the simulations is then transformed into meaningful charts and statistically valid reports for the Airport/Airline to validate the functionality of the proposed design.


Development of conceptual and designs are based on considering various levels of automation, which are then measured against the economic and operational benefits. These criteria are summarized into a final report which serves as the projects definition document. The design is coordinated with the A&E teams to ensure the system is an integral component of the facility. BNP performs the majority of the design work with BIM utilizing the Revit platform.


Contract Documentation

Functional detailed specifications and contract documents are prepared based on the system configuration, the design objectives and BNP’s practical real world history of mechanical, electrical and controls components and products.

Bidding & Award Assistance

Pre-qualification of vendors, release of bid documents, assistance in bid evaluation process all of which is especially beneficial to our clients given BNP’s knowledge of the industry, market pricing and contract requirements.

Construction Administration

BNP’s participation in the construction management/administration process includes submittal reviews, program management, and site supervision; scheduling, detailed inspections of the system, acceptance testing and assistance to the client in the operational start up period.


To successfully provide the project, BNP works very closely and collaboratively with the Airport, the Architectural and MEP design team members and the User Airlines, resulting in openness to share ideas and concepts on how to best serve the airlines/airport’s evolving requirements while responding to the project requirements.

BNP brings proven expertise that provides cost and operational effective solutions to our clients





Master Planning

Concept Design

Process Mapping

Process Improvement

Building Improvement


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Tender Documents

Construction Management

Acceptance Testing

Operational Readiness

Operational Audits

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