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System Simulations

BNP Deneb simulation experience includes simulation models from as simple as a queue of customers for a bank teller to the largest airport baggage handling systems with in excess of 5,000 individual conveyor sections. This experience has been accumulated over 14 years since 1995.

Our Key staff brings technical simulation knowledge plus a wide range of industry knowledge covering manufacturing, logistics and a range of airport operations.

In addition to being a world leader in the Delmia Quest 3D discrete simulation software package, we have broad skills in integrating Quest with other applications. We have expertise in SQL databases and Visual Basic combined with MS Excel. These skills are used to import data into the simulation model either at the start of a simulation run or interactively as it runs. BNP Deneb simulations can be integrated into real control or management systems to act as a emulation test bed.

BNP Deneb has broad experience in data analysis. Data reported by the simulation is transformed into meaningful charts and statistically valid results.

BNP Deneb has developed simulations for a number of large scale logistics facilities including fast moving consumer goods distribution centres, courier cross dock facilities and Air Cargo Terminals. In these projects BNP Deneb has simulated complex high level warehouse management systems, and lower level equipment and sub-system control strategies. BNP Deneb applies these skills to ensure the strategies implemented in simulation can be implemented in the real system, and that those strategies provide optimal system performance.

A key focus for BNP Deneb is to develop simulation applications. We do this by combining Delmia Quest with off-the-shelf software including MS Access, MS Visio, MS Excel and AutoCAD. We also develop standard alone software applications to analyse simulation results and to integrate between the simulations and other applications. Our development environment of choice is C#. We also have skills in VB, Python, VBA & C++.

BNP Deneb simulation applications are rapidly implemented due to our focus on developing automated simulation building tools. Our BHSS application for airport baggage handling systems (BHS) provides customised interfaces to layout and configure a complex baggage handling system. It includes a wide range of control and routing strategies common to baggage handling systems with experience gained in over 50 BHS simulation implementations.


Simulated Baggage Handling System (by BNP Deneb)

Simulated Cargo Handling System (by BNP Deneb)