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Company Profile (BNP DENEB PTY LTD)

BNP Deneb is a simulation software developer and consultancy specialising in airport, transportation, logistics and manufacturing process simulation.

Established in 1995, BNP Deneb has a history of successful simulation projects. BNP Deneb uses the Quest® 3D discrete event simulation environment from Delmia Corporation (

BNP Deneb’s strategy is to focus on application domains where we can develop best in class 3D simulations including integration with real control and management systems. We compete internationally and use the latest Web Technologies to allow us to deliver a local service throughout the world from Melbourne, Australia.

We continue to develop and refine a range of application specific 3D simulation products that are radically faster to implement then current products on the market and do not require specialist simulation operators to configure and run them.

We apply our experience of over 100 simulation implementations to every new project. This ensures our clients get not only a technically excellent simulation, but also the benefit of a broad range of experience of baggage handling, logistics and manufacturing process management and control strategies.

BNP Deneb was renamed from Deneb Australasia Pty Ltd after BNP Associates Inc. became the majority shareholder in 2008. BNP ( is the worlds leading designer of large scale Baggage Handling Systems and an ideal international partner for BNP Deneb.