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Company Profile (BNP Associates)


BNP Associates, Inc (formerly Breier Neidle Patrone Associates, Inc.)
privately-held company founded in 1971


David Mecartney

Vice Presidents

Steven LaPorta
Damien Breier


Nick Triantafilidis
Terry Cochran
Calvin Trudeau
John Heard
William Roland
Tom Jennings
Ben Oon
John Whitehead
Michelle Brown-Daly


BNP operates from three primary office locations and numerous site-specific locations. Our headquarters is located in Brookfield, Connecticut. The office itself is approximately 13,000 square feet and supports our design, administration, project management and construction management departments. Our primary engineering work is conducted from our office located in Denver, Colorado. Our regional office in Singapore allows us to have a greater presence and quicker response to our clients in this part of the world.

A brief description of the functions of each of our departments is as follows.

Project Management - All of BNP’s major projects are directly managed on a day-to-day basis by a Project Director. All client communications, incoming and outgoing correspondence and submittal packages, are reviewed by the managing Project Director. A staff level Project Manager may also be assigned to assist the Project Director for scheduling assistance and production of submittal documents.

Engineering Department - The Engineering Department is responsible for the development of specification packages; cost estimating, electrical interfaces, development of systems analyses.

Design Department - The Design Department is responsible for the development of drawing packages.

Construction Department - The Construction Department is responsible for construction administration services, construction management services, shop drawing reviews, manual reviews, punch listing teams, acceptance testing teams, and after start-up assistance. Administration - Administration is responsible for secretarial support and accounting operations.

Maintenance Services - Maintenance Services is responsible for baggage systems computer controls systems maintenance.

A critical component in the successful and economic execution of a project is the application of advanced technology. In this regard, BNP has strived to equip its operations with automation to improve our product and reduce our cost to our clients by improving productivity and improving accuracy through standardization. The key components of our systems include:

BNPCAD – BNP’s CAD system consists latest technology PCs running the most current version of AutoCAD and Revit. These software are enhanced by BNPCAD which consists of a symbol library specific to the airline industry and more specifically to Baggage, Cargo and Parcel Sortation systems.

Engineering - Our engineering systems provide standardized spreadsheet, word processing and database programs for modeling baggage system requirements, tracking bids, shop drawing logs and a host of construction service tools. All scheduling is accomplished using Microsoft Project. All specifications are standardized in CSI format and are assembled from word processing templates.

Communications – All BNP offices are fully networked with centralized servers and daily back-up/disaster recovery capability. E-mail is accomplished using high availability commercial services.

PathPlanner - Software allows us to accurately model the complex swept paths of taxing aircraft as well as multi-unit baggage and cargo dolly trains.

Simulation - BHSS and CHSS – BHSS and CHSS are simulation applications developed specifically for baggage and cargo handling systems. It has been developed using the experience of many baggage and cargo projects. The result is a proven product, that models belt and tilt tray based baggage systems and ULD and bin systems accurately and quickly. BHSS and CHSS provide an accurate simulation generated within days so it can provide proactive rather that reactive feedback to the design team. It provides a highly graphical 3D simulation of the design with color coded bags and ULD’s to communicate the design and demonstrate design issues to all interested parties. Regeneration of changes to the layout are provided within two working days and guaranteed to work first time, as no manual intervention has been required.